All the Chattanoogas in the world

Did you know that there are four cities in the world named “Chattanooga?” Other than our beloved city in Tennessee, three other Chattanoogas can be found in the US. Let’s take a look at the other cities that share our name. Bonus: Click the points on the map below to locate them all.

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  • Chattanooga, CO | Now a ghost town with only a few scattered buildings left, Chattanooga was located in the Red Mountain Mining District. In the late 1800s it served as a supply center for the area + boasted 300 people at its peak.
  • Chattanooga, OK | Chattanooga is a small town (with a population of 461 according to the 2010 census) located on Oklahoma State Highway 36. The town originated following the 1901 opening of the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Reservation + in 1902 was expanded by N.C. Sisson, who named the community after his hometown in TN.
  • Chattanooga, OH | This Chattanooga is a small, unincorporated communitymeaning it is not governed by a local municipal corporation — in Mercer County, OH. There’s little history to be found on this spot, but maybe the folks at Chatt Bar (the only restaurant + bar in the area that’s reopening at the end of September) have some local tales.
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