The soundscape of Chattanooga, TN

The sounds that make us think of our city.

A walkway lined with trees starting to change color, leading up to a staircase and an art installation of various-sized boxes going up a hill.

What sounds make you think of the Scenic City?

Photo by NOOGAtoday

What is ASMR? It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response — a feeling of well-being caused by a specific stimulus, like a sound.

While much of Chattanooga’s soundscape is dominated by the hum of city traffic, cheerful birds, and the occasional church bells, we have a few favorite sounds that are uniquely Chattanooga.

Today, we’re taking a look (or a listen) at some of these local sounds and how they make us feel at home.

🎠 Classic carousel music paired with splashing from nearby fountains is one of our favorite sound duos from Coolidge Park. Read up on the carousel’s history to make the sound even sweeter next time you’re at the park.

🍁 There’s nothing quite like the crunch of leaves under your feet and the rustling of trees during a peaceful mountaintop hike.

🎆 If it’s a Friday night during baseball season, it’s likely you’ll hear the pop of fireworks at some point. Win or lose, the Lookouts put on a vibrant spectacle at their Friday night home games.

🎶 From hip-hop summits to free outdoor concerts + street performances, it’s hard to get around Chattanooga without hearing the sound of live music.

🏞️ We aren’t called the River City for nothing. The sounds of rushing water certainly aren’t foreign to Chattanooga, thanks to its proximity to magnificent waterfalls, swimming holes, and of course, the Tennessee River.

🔇 We may not be Simon & Garfunkel, but we know the sound of silence when we hear don’t hear it. While other cities are often bustling with the sounds of everyday life, Chattanooga is occasionally graced with peaceful moments of stillness and silence — something that we don’t take for granted.

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