Champy’s tattooed buttocks ad gains national exposure

Authored By Chloé Morrison

Owner of Champy’s Famous Fried Chicken Seth Champion said he hopes that the exposure of an advertisement at AT&T Field, where the Chattanooga Lookouts play, will help his business.

“I think it will help grow the brand,” he said. 

Entertainment website TMZ took notice of the ad, which shows a tattoo of a real Champy’s customer. Before all the news coverage, onlookers likely wouldn’t have known that the tattoo of a chicken leg shown in the ad is on the right part of a customer’s buttocks. 

“It started as an inside joke,” Champion said. “We didn’t want to offend anybody, so you couldn’t tell unless you knew that that’s what it was.”

The customer, whom Champion declined to name, jokingly asked how much store credit he would get if he got a Champy’s tattoo. 

TMZ reported that the customer got $200 of store credit. 

And Champion said that when the time came to think of art for a Lookouts sponsorship, he thought it would be a great joke on the customer with the tattoo. 

The customer later took his girlfriend to a game to see if she’d notice the tattooed buttocks. She did, Champion said. And she thought “it was hilarious.” 

The thing about Champy’s customers is they have good senses of humor, Champion also said. 

“Everybody that’s a Champy’s fan-they enjoy a little humor,” he said. 

Lookouts’ general manager Rich Mozingo said the whole thing is “a lot of publicity over kind of nothing for us.” 

“We saw a tattoo of a chicken on a guy and put it on the wall,” he said.

There is no technical rule that would mean the ad can’t continue to run, now that everyone knows what the picture actually shows, but Mozingo said leaders will work with Champion to decide if it will be on display next season. 

He added that Champy’s is a great client and friend of the Lookouts. 

Chattanooga’s MLK location is the original, but the franchise has recently expanded into Muscle Shoals and Daphne Ala., and Champion said another location is planned for near Birmingham. 

Champion also said he has ordered peel-away, fake tattoos that replicate the ad’s tattoo to sell in the store. 

Updated @ 2:21 p.m. on 08/29/12 to add more information as it became available.