Chattanooga’s top stories of 2022

These are the NOOGAtoday stories you loved most in 2022.

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The sun is setting on 2022.

Gifts aren’t the only thing we’re wrapping up, Nooga. This year, we’ve sent 265 newsletters and published ~1,400 posts on Instagram + Facebook with the goal of informing, activating + engaging.

So before we celebrate the beginning of a new year, we wanted to look back on the top NOOGAtoday stories from 2022 + give a huge thank you to our readers and members of the community that made this year so spectacular.

1️⃣ Decoding Zoning: The Chattanooga Zoning Code Update | Aug. 22

We broke down the 42-page analysis that could potentially change Chattanooga’s zoning codes + how the updates could affect you.

2️⃣ Chattanooga’s new month-long celebration, Rock the Riverfront | Jan. 25

Remember when the giant seesaws were on the Chattanooga Green? This story detailed the full festival + installations. Bonus: Rock the Riverfront will return with a new installation this year.

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DYK the Space Medal of Honor is the only medal with a diamond inside it? | Photo via NOOGAtoday

Photo by NOOGAtoday

3️⃣ National Medal of Honor Heritage Center in Chattanooga, TN | March 9

Take a look inside one of Chattanooga’s hidden gems + one of the only locations in the country to have a Space Medal of Honor permanently displayed.

4️⃣ Hot drinks to warm up in Chattanooga, TN | Feb. 25

This one might be helpful to read right now given our chilly weather. Warm up with some hot bevvies at these local spots.

5️⃣ Your 2022 Moon River Music Festival Guide | Sept. 8

Despite the weather that cut day two of the festival short, Moon River is always a memorable event in the Scenic City. Here’s to better weather in 2023.

6️⃣ Pedestrian-friendly streets in Chattanooga, TN | Sept. 13

We walked and talked about the city’s walkability score + some of the pedestrian-friendly streets and areas in town.

7️⃣ TEDxCHATTANOOGA brings “ideas worth spreading” to the Scenic City | Nov. 2

We all know the viral TED talks, but this year local professionals + entrepreneurs gave their own talks right here in Chattanooga.

NOOGAtoday | Room 311

The ghost of Annalisa Netherly is said to haunt this room.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

8️⃣ A tour of The Read House Hotel’s haunted room 311 | Oct. 24

We went ghost hunting and dug into the history of the haunted room at The Read House Hotel.

9️⃣ Pink billboards around town call out antisemitism | Dec. 12

The Jewish Federation of Greater Chattanooga recently launched an antisemitism campaign featuring pink billboards with important messages for Chattanoogans.

🔟 Play along: guess the NOOGAtoday editors | Oct. 4

We’re all about having a little fun, and you all were down to play a guessing game with a NOOGAtoday-specific challenge to get to know us a little more.

... and that’s a wrap on 2022. Happy New Year, Nooga! We can’t wait to keep bringing you exciting stories about Chattanooga in 2023.

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