Choosing the perfect wedding vendors

Authored By caseyled86

Congratulations! The ring is on your finger and you have chosen the perfect date. You and your fiancé have agreed to a budget and have a dream in mind.

Now comes the stress of making that dream a reality. Finding just the right vendors for your special day can become a real headache when you don’t know where to start in the first place. Here are a few steps you can take to find the right wedding vendors for your big day.

What’s important to you?
Spend time talking to your fiancé about the most important elements of the wedding. Take notes of what is most important to each of you. Discovering where each item ranks on your list of most to least important will help you quickly cover a lot of ground and sort through your budget priorities with ease. Whether it is food or photography, list in order the items you want to spend the most on, down to the least important elements. This process will help you divide your budget and as you start to find vendors will help you quickly cull through them based on your specific budget.

Taking recommendations
If you have a friend whose style you really like, ask them about the vendors they used for their wedding. If someone posts great photos on Facebook from their wedding, get the photographer’s name. (Just be careful to not use the exact set of vendors as a friend or it may feel like a repeat event.) You want your wedding to be uniquely you, so take advice and suggestions from friends loosely and add them to a list of possibilities rather than set decisions. Also, remember to scope out regional wedding websites for vendor directories and to find local inspiration.

First impressions
As you narrow down your list of possible wedding vendors, remember that first impressions really matter. A professional website, quick and friendly responses to your emails for information, and client reviews all really add up and set apart the vendors that are best to work with. Professional wedding vendors will be glad to get you in contact with former clients and tell you specifically why you should choose them. A good vendor will also have a solid workflow and will know the ins and outs of their role in your wedding. They should be able to meet your basic requests and show flexibility and open-mindedness to your needs.

After your list is narrowed down, you can meet one on one with the vendors you feel most drawn to (and always be sure to sign contracts and get details in writing before paying for services). Once you select the best vendors for you, they will be able to guide you through the process to your big day-making the process comfortable and stress-free.

Casey Davis is the founder of The Tennessee Bride, a wedding resource celebrating homemade marriages. For more inspiration, visit The Tennessee Bride on their blogInstagram and Facebook. The opinions expressed in this column belong solely to the author, not or its employees.