Habitat for Humanity ReStore “critically low” on inventory

The drop off center for the Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Authored By Gabrielle Chevalier

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is currently at a “critically low mass” of inventory and in need of donations to refill the store.

Director Tina Shaw-Cox said this is not a problem the store has faced in the past, but since the move to a larger location on East Main Street, coupled with a low point in the year for donations, the store could use some help from the public.

“We are trying to reach out and say, ‘Hey, we are still here.’ It’s kind of a call to action,” she said. “If everyone could reach out and help, we would greatly appreciate it.”

Typically, the ReStore receives several truckloads of items each year from businesses and suppliers who have excess or damaged inventory and appliances. However, because of the state of the economy, those supplies have lessened, which has had a big impact on the store’s inventory, Shaw-Cox said.

Donating to ReStore

To find out more details about the Chattanooga ReStore or to learn how to donate or volunteer, visit

Since posting a message on Facebook Wednesday about the store’s inventory needs, the ReStore has received five donations, Shaw-Cox said.

However, the store still needs more furniture, lamps, artwork and appliances to help fill it, she said.

“The great thing about donating this stuff is you get a tax write-off, and you are also helping the environment,” Shaw-Cox said.

For those interested in donating to the ReStore, there is a free pick-up service offered.

“It’s crucial that we keep donations coming, so we can help build homes for people who need them,” she said.