McCallie graduate settles lawsuit with Snapchat co-founders

Authored By ashley.hopkins

This week, a McCallie School graduate named Reggie Brown settled a lawsuit against Snapchat that claimed the idea for the app was originally his.

Brown, a boarder student from Columbia, South Carolina, graduated from McCallie in 2008. According to Penny Grant, director of development for McCallie, Brown had a list of accolades under his belt: Honors Scholars student, Dickson scholar, National Merit-commended scholar, AP scholar, cum laude and much more, as well as a host of civic and social activities such as Big Brothers, music, crew and Amnesty International. 

Brown attended college at Stanford and joined the Kappa Sigma fraternity-which is where he met Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy, now the CEO and CTO of Snapchat, respectively. 

Brown’s lawsuit claims that he came up with the original idea for the app, initially called Picaboo, which allows users to send photos and videos of each other that then disappear after a short amount of time. 

“We are pleased that we have been able to resolve this matter in a manner that is satisfactory to Mr. Brown and the company,” Spiegel said in a prepared statement regarding the lawsuit. “We acknowledge Reggie’s contribution to the creation of Snapchat and appreciate his work in getting the application off the ground.”

This litigation has been ongoing for more than a year, according to TechCrunch.

The specific terms of the settlement are confidential, though the statement does acknowledge that Brown played a role in the app’s idea. He is not called a co-founder in the statement, however. 

Grant said the latest records available at McCallie indicate Brown was at Duke Business School in 2013. He did not return for his five-year reunion, she said.