Paranormal investigators offer evidence of Hales Bar Dam hauntings


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Paranormal investigators based out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, believe they have enough evidence to declare a local historical site a haunted location.

Stones River Paranormal has released findings from a recent overnight investigation at Hales Bar Dam. They offered an investigation summary to Hales Bar owners this past weekend.

John McKinney, SRP leader, believes the group contacted multiple apparitions during their overnight stay. He specifically mentions spirits named Linda and Chris, as well as a child’s presence.

A majority of evidence can be viewed on the SRP YouTube page

The first example below is a series of electronic voice phenomena captured throughout the evening. A man’s voice can be heard saying “Ashley,” presumably calling out to Ashley Bishop, one of the investigators present at the time.

In the same video, when asked if the apparitions were scared, a voice can be heard saying, “Why, yes.”

The most startling evidence is a video recorded on the third floor of the building. McKinney placed several playing cards on the edge of a table and asked a spirit to knock off the eight of hearts. As you can see in the video, something eventually obliged his request.

In the final piece of evidence, investigators are attempting to communicate directly with a spirit. During the video, Chris appears to talk with investigators using the equipment.

“In our opinion, we believe Hales Bar is a haunted location,” McKinney said in a prepared statement. “We caught evidence in the form of audio and video recording, which documented several entities throughout the location and all three floors of the main building, the tunnels and bottom floor of the secondary building.”

Now a marina and resort, Hales Bar Dam was the first multipurpose hydroelectric dam built on a navigable river in the world. Construction began in 1905, and workers didn’t complete the project until 1913.

Soon after completion, the dam began to leak because of the soft bedrock foundation it was built on. TVA acquired the property in 1939, and it remained operative until 1968.

Hales Bar has received national attention for its hauntings and been investigated by Ghost Adventures and other national paranormal groups. It remains a popular attraction for paranormal investigators.

SRP plans to offer overnight investigations at the property May 5 and 6. Tickets are $60 per person, and only 20 tickets are available for each night.

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