Sen. Bob Corker addresses nuclear strategy in WSJ op-ed

Authored By James Harrison

Sen. Bob Corker co-authored an opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal, criticizing President Barack Obama’s approach to addressing the proliferation of nuclear weapons across the globe. 

The article, titled “‘Nuclear Zero’ offers nothing worth having,” was written with Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.). It argues that although Obama’s assessment of nuclear proliferation is a threat to national security, it is misguided in its suggestion that the U.S. nuclear arsenal be gradually dismantled.

“Nothing demonstrates the hollowness of the disarmament dream as clearly as the international community’s inability to keep regimes such as North Korea-and soon Iran-from acquiring nuclear weapons,” it reads. “The recent North Korean nuclear test clearly and dangerously demonstrated how little regard rouge states hold for a nuclear-armed U.S. Why would they be more intimidated, much less moved to disarm themselves, by an America that was whittling away its own nuclear superiority?”

It also argues that reducing the nation’s nuclear cache may add to the global instability it seeks to avoid. 

In 2010, Corker was one of only 13 Republican senators to support the New START Nuclear Arms treaty with Russia, which at the time he said he approved after concerns were addressed. 

To read today’s op-ed by Corker and Inhofe, click here

On Monday, Corker’s office issued a statement announcing his support of a resolution to condemn recent nuclear and missile tests by North Korea. The resolution calls for new sanctions on the dictatorship and suggests additional steps must be taken by the international community to prevent the country from acquiring further nuclear technology.