The Local: Stone Cold Fox channels dense hard rock influences on debut EP

Authored By pitulah

Rock ‘n’ roll isn’t known for its subtlety-the bluster and swagger inherent to most forms of the genre preclude a good deal of understated sentiment. But for those artists who recognize the inherent value of a detailed melodic and emotional underpinning, rock music has the possibility of being more than just a handful of power chords, riffs and a roaring voice. And for Chattanooga rock outfit Stone Cold Fox, this idea of rock music as inspired experience fuels the movement of their hard rock inspirations.

Built around the dynamic interplay of singer-guitarist Trevor “Cash” Card, bassist Dakari “Dizzy FN” Dean and drummer Chris “The Captain” Blankenship, the band expels a feral rock racket that flattens everything within reach. And on their new record, “Brothers,” the trio howls through a blistering set of adrenalized songs that seem to infuse your blood with a virulent musical force. Your ears will echo with the sounds of Southern rock as the band draws this noise through a filter of classic rock influences.

These songs spark and develop into an incendiary wall of guitar rhythms and scorching vocal theatrics. But there’s an undercurrent of determined melody that supports all this raging rock attitude. The band doesn’t mindlessly throw all these bombastic arrangements together without some thought as to the overall effect that it creates. They fashion a dense and gauzy riff-based sound that rattles the frame of each track, subsequently revealing a deeper emotional and aural resolution of these particular rock lineages.

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