What’s on your Chattanooga bucket list?

Authored By seanphippster

A local blogger created a Chattanooga-centric bucket list to help residents check-off popular outdoor activities, marquee events and dining adventures in the city.

Kate Robertson moved to Chattanooga in July of 2015 for work. Although she visited the city with her parents as a child-she remembers seeing “Beauty and the Beast” at the Tivoli-she had no idea how many activities were available for young adults. 

Months of exploring and research led to what would become the bucket list.

On Tuesday, Robertson posted a high-quality PDF version of the bucket list on her blog, A Thought and a Half, with the idea to share her exploration of the city with others. 

“I created the bucket list because there is a ton of opportunity for adventure in this city . ” Robertson said. “And I wanted to create a resource for not only myself but for other Chattanoogans, visitors and tourists to explore the city I’ve come to love so much.”

The list contains 39 activities such as hiking to Sunset Rock on Lookout Mountain, spending an afternoon at the Chattanooga Zoo and attending the annual Riverbend Festival. Other suggestions include having a beer at Chattanooga Brewing Co., enjoying breakfast at Aretha Frankenstein’s and, of course, visiting Rock City.

Robertson said she’s planning more editions of the bucket list in the future. See Robertson’s version below. 

What would be on your Chattanooga bucket list? Did she leave anything off? 

CHA Bucket List