A look back at Chattanooga stories

Take a look back with me (City Editor Brianna) on Chattanooga stories and happenings that I’ve loved covering at NOOGAtoday.

A bridge over the Tennessee River.

A lot has happened in Chattanooga these past few years — I’m grateful to have experienced it here at NOOGAtoday.

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Hey, Chattanooga — Brianna here. This newsletter will be my last with NOOGAtoday, so I wanted to try something different today.

Occasionally, we’ll share the top-performing articles and top-clicked links from the previous month; today, I’m sharing some of my personal favorite stories and happenings from the past few years (and a bit of what I’m looking forward to when I visit Chattanooga).

Favorite stories

Favorite happenings

Chattanooga has changed a lot in the past few years, many of those changes have been so exciting to witness firsthand — from the completion of a local trail 20+ years in the making to Chattanooga getting its first Trader Joe’s, or OddStory opening its new location + Market South becoming Barrelhouse Ballroom.

I’m looking forward to...

First and foremost, seeing a lot of these developments come to fruition. I’m also definitely coming back for another MAINx24 or two.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and I’m so grateful for every experience this wonderful city has given me. Consider this your reminder to take advantage of every little thing Chattanooga has to offer.

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